Hello CAI members & participants,
CBCT magazine welcomes you to this special issue on the occasion of XV Annual Meeting of International meeting of Computer Aided Implantology academy. CAI academy is one of the oldest research and clinical oriented group in the field of digital implantology and CBCT magazine is proud to be associated with this renowned organization.
We are bringing all the abstracts of the presentations to be conducted at this XV congress of CAI academy in this special issue. The aim of this issue is to inform all our readers & members about the quality work which will be showcased by renowned international presenters from across the globe. CBCT magazine hopes that all the enthusiastic participants will be get informative lectures and clinical presentations during the course of this congress . Year 2022 has been fruitful year for CBCT magazine with much acclaimed authors presented their work through our journal.
We take this opportunity to thank all our reviewers, authors ,and my entire team of CBCT magazine for taking efforts to give quality clinical and research paper We will be releasing special issue at the AEEDC 2023 Dubai as we are one of the official sponsor of this grant event.

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